Our mission statement

‘Empowering individuals to develop the confidence and strength required to fulfil their full potential, through training and education'

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High-performance team coaching.

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Why choose us?


We work collaboratively

We work closely with our clients to ensure that our training is thorough and robust and is not a ‘one-off event’.


Professional trainers

We only work with professional, experienced trainers who hold a training qualification, a strong desire to educate others and a wealth of knowledge in health and social care, including clinical skills or a mental health background.


Training courses at affordable prices

Training is vital for employees, but as budgets tighten it can be difficult for organisations to meet their legislative duties as well as organisational requirements.


We are passionate

We have a great passion for teaching and helping individuals achieve their full potential, through training and education. We believe that teaching is a process of mutual learning.

Our Accredited coaches

Patrizia Morrone


Paul Henry


Helen Armstrong


Benefits of learning


Increased productivity and performance

When employees undergo training, it improves their skills and knowledge of the job and builds their confidence in their abilities. This will improve their performance and make them work more efficiently and effectively.


Uniformity of work processes

When employees in a workplace are exposed to training, it helps to standardize the work process among the staff. Workers will apply and follow similar procedures as a result of their exposure to similar training.


Promoting from within

When an organization needs professionals with new or specific skills, they don't have to go into the labor market to employ new professionals from outside sources. They can look inward and select promising staff members who can be promoted after they are trained in this set of new skills needed by the organization.


Boosted morale

Employees of organizations who go through training programs will feel like they are a part of a supportive work environment where they are appreciated, which will boost their morale and make them approach their job duties with more self-confidence.

Accreditations and memberships


Patrizia was very knowledgeable and informative, as well as an excellent speaker, and was happy to answer any questions which arose.

Rose B.

Fun, enjoyed the activities and videos as it really made you think.

Kirtsi G.

Informative course which I enjoyed.

Natalie W.

Great course, trainer took the time to explain anything anyone needed to know

Karen G

The best faciliatators

I really enjoyed this training and learned loads. Paul was excellent.

Lisa C.

Great trainers

Paul was very engaging. Very interesting training to help building on existing knowledge.

Becca M.

Really good course

Really good course. Even though it is a lot of information, Helen used different techniques to engage the class by getting us to interact with each other. Thank you.

Chloe A.

Great for new people to training

First time doing a virtual training course, was a good mixture of tasks, slides and group discussions and activities to get everyone talking. Good training for people who are new to care.

Annabelle S.

Superb communication

Excellent practical course. Patrizia is a superb communicator - speaks clearly, uses role play well and has a very warm, compassionate manner which makes the course relaxing as well as informative.

Erika W.


Let us help you achieve your goals

We take pride in offering bespoke, quality in-house training solutions, in a wide range of subjects, at a sensible price. All our programmes are delivered by a subject specialist trainer, in the following main areas:

  • Health and Social Care Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Fire Safety
  • Leadership, Management and Business Skills
  • Train the Trainer
  • Mental Health