Medical and nursing professionals have a duty to patients to provide the best quality of care available and to guarantee their safety and well-being.

A reliable way to signal to colleagues, regulators, and most importantly patients that this duty is being fulfilled is by renewing their registration with the NMC every three years and demonstrate that they, as professionals are living by the standards of practice and behaviour set out in the Code.

Best practices in health and social care are constantly evolving, driven by innovation in medical and nursing science, hence why training is crucial to medical and nursing staff who wish to further their knowledge and skillset.

Care Learning & Development provides evidence-based training for healthcare professionals with the aim of assisting professionals remaining up to date on the latest developments in healthcare and maintain their registration.

All our clinical training courses are highly interactive and consist of performing duties and skills related to infection control, safety, nutrition, body mechanics, and activities of daily living and are delivered by highly qualified medical and nursing staff with several years of experience in their respective field, who hold a relevant registration and a teaching qualification.