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About this course

Our Continence Management course provides the knowledge and skills required to enable health and social care staff to be aware of risks that may arise, support individuals to express their preferences about their continence needs and be able to work with this condition in a way that minimises the individuals’ distress.

Participants will have the opportunity to be introduced to the different types of continence aids available and learn why personal hygiene, including the appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment, is important as well as the disposal of waste and keeping the environment clean and tidy.

The session will be conducted by one of our expert trainers with an abundance of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge. Learners will be observed and evaluated throughout the day.

What you’ll learn

a Explain how a healthy bladder and bowel function.

a Demonstrate clinical knowledge of bladder and bowel dysfunction.

a Outline the different types of incontinence, assessments, treatments, and management solutions available.

a Understand the barriers to continence.

a Understand the needs of someone with incontinence and the impact the condition can have on them.

aHelp the individual with incontinence to manage their condition and support their quality of life and maintain their dignity and privacy.


No entry requirements.


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