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About this course

Our Diabetes Management including Administration of Insulin course is designed to provide healthcare professionals and care workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage diabetes effectively, including the administration of insulin. Participants will learn about the latest research and best practices in diabetes care and management, including understanding diabetes, managing diabetes, and recognising and responding to diabetes emergencies.

The course is suitable for individuals of all levels, with no prior experience or qualifications required. Delivered by experienced instructors, the course covers:

  • Overview of diabetes and its impact on individuals and families
  • Understanding of different types of diabetes
  • Recognising and responding to diabetes emergencies
  • Administering insulin safely and effectively
  • Managing diabetes and its complications

What you’ll learn

a Understand diabetes and its impact on individuals and families.

a Have increased knowledge of different types of diabetes.

a Have improved skills in recognising and responding to diabetes emergencies.

a Have enhanced ability to administer insulin safely and effectively.

a Have enhanced understanding of managing diabetes and its complications.




No entry requirements.


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