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About this course

Mental health knows no social, economic status or ethnic backgrounds. According to MIND 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental problem every year. This course is highly recommended for any type of organisation including healthcare, social care, schools, and public services or for anyone who would like a better understanding of mental health conditions, including carers, family and friends of individuals who may be affected by those issues.

This very practical and interactive session aims to raise awareness of mental ill health and to understand and recognise the causes, symptoms, and support options for a wide range of mental health problems and to remove the stigma surrounding mental ill health.

This session will give delegates a chance to explore common types of mental health problems such as Depression, Psychosis, Anxiety, OCD, and disorders and many more… and will provide individuals with guidance and the tools for daily well-being management to help make people in distress feel safe, supported, and understood.

What you’ll learn

a Describe some common types of mental health conditions, recognise the causes and symptoms.

a Understand the needs and experiences of people with mental health conditions and the importance of promoting positive health and wellbeing.

a Understand the importance of early detection of mental health conditions and how this can improve the way care is provided and the support that is given.

a Understand different ways health and social care professionals can work in collaboration and how it may be necessary to adjust the way care is provided to support people who have mental health conditions.

a Understand legal frameworks, policy, and guidelines, designed to promote, and safeguard human rights including the concepts of capacity, consent and detainment.


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