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About this course

The Syringe Driver course provides learners with the foundation knowledge and skills they need to understand the principles of syringe driver operation and the most commonly used syringe drivers. The sessions provide learners with the opportunity to practice setting up and using a syringe driver under the supervision of an instructor.

Although there is no pre-requisite for attending, learners should have a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as the principles of medication administration.

The benefits of completing this course include gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to use syringe drivers, being able to provide patients with the continuous medication they need, reducing the risk of medication errors, and complying with the legal and ethical requirements for using syringe drivers safely and effectively.

What you’ll learn

a Identify the different types of syringe drivers.

a Explain the principles of syringe driver operation.

a Prepare and administer medications using a syringe driver.

a Troubleshoot common problems with syringe drivers.

a Comply with the legal and ethical requirements for using syringe drivers.


No entry requirements.


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