Course Description

Most children and young people get all the help and support they need from their parent(s), wider family and community but sometimes, perhaps unexpectedly, they may need a bit of extra help.

Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) is the national approach which enables families to work in partnership with people who can support them, such as teachers, doctors and nurses. Therefore, this course is relevant for every service that impacts on children, including staff in adult services who are working with parents and carers.

We believe that each child has the fundamental right to be loved and to feel safe. This can be achieved when people and organisations work together to promote their mental and physical well-being.

This belief is at the core of our getting it right for every child course meanwhile complying with the latest legislation, policies and procedures. Our course covers a wide range of topics and its primary aim is to provide the workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to help children and young people to grow up feeling loved, safe and respected so that they can realise their full potential.

Learning Outcomes

After this half-day course staff will be able to:

  • Explain the key principles, values, and origins of the GIRFEC framework
  • Understand what can promote or hinder healthy child development
  • Understand the potential impact of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014
  • Examine the role of the Named Person and the Lead Professional
  • Make sense of the GIRFEC practice model

The session is followed by a multiple-choice assessment, designed to test learners’ understanding of the course. A certificate will be issued after successful completion of the training course.