Course Description

This course is about the misuse and abuse of substances such as drugs and alcohol that are used to change a person’s state of mind and body, for reasons other than a medical need.

It is suitable whether you are a parent, carer, employer, employee, friend or somebody who is worried about anyone who is or may be using substances, either legal or illegal.

Users frequently report that it is through having the support of someone who understands and that they could talk to, which has helped them get through difficult times. Our training has been designed with the intent to bring about an understanding of substance misuse which often leads to addiction despite physical and/or psychological harm to the user, family or society.  

This course explores psychological and physical dependence and at the end of the course, participants will be suitably trained which assists in being there for someone in their time of need. We believe that effective substance abuse training can make a difference.

Learning Outcomes

After this half-day course staff will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge of the different types of legal and illegal substances that are available and their main effects
  • Provides information about the current legislation affecting drug and alcohol use and misuse
  • Explain the major social, personal and medical factors that can lead to substance misuse
  • Discuss the patterns of misuse that often occur, the types of dependence that substance misuse can lead to and the stages of substance misuse that lead to addiction
  • Explain the physical, behavioural and psychological signs of substance misuse
  • Describe the effects of substance misuse on health
  • Identify the range of treatments, the purpose of rehabilitation and tips for helping individuals remain drug-free and various intervention

The session is followed by a multiple-choice assessment, designed to test learners’ understanding of the course. A certificate will be issued after successful completion of the training course.