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About this course

Rescue Medication is a practical three hour workshop that has been designed to teach attendees how to manage and treat a seizure as well as the associated rescue medicines such as buccal midazolam.

This course aims to help attendees manage risks and consider the legal and ethical issues surrounding emergency medication and know how to create safe and secure protocols.

Learners will have their competence individually assessed by an experienced trainer. The theory is studied using video, case studies and discussion designed to encourage people to think on their feet.

What you’ll learn

a Describe and demonstrate through simulation the procedure for administering buccal rescue medication.

a Understand what emergency medication is, its uses and side effects.

a Understand when rescue medication may need to be given and what documentation is required to participate in the administration.

a Know what to do after having administered rescue medication.


This course can be delivered as a standalone session or together with Epilepsy Awareness in one complete day as per your requirements.


We require a valid, in date, Epilepsy Awareness certificate for a participant to enroll on this course.


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